Mobile Imaging Services

Front Range Mobile Imaging (FRMI) services and delivers the latest diagnostic technology to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics.

The goal of FRMI is to meet the needs of hospital imaging and radiology departments by providing cost effective imaging equipment within the hospital’s continuum of services. This allows for ideal diagnosis and monitoring of cancer in addition to other diseases and disorders. The PET/CT scanner is the most reliable and accurate method to identify metabolic changes concerning abnormalities in a patient.  As a result of providing superior service and expertise, hospitals and physicians throughout the Rocky Mountain region have selected Front Range Mobile Imaging as a partner. Our range of service includes Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming

Patients benefit from having the services accessible at a local hospital or medical office. This eliminates the need to travel to another community and hospital.  With the seamless approach of doing business within a hospital’s radiology department, FRMI has received excellent feedback from hospital directors and administrators regarding our service.

  • Patient, Physician, Hospital and Satisfaction
  • Radiology Expertise
  • Management of Services
  • Marketing and Referral Enhancement
  • Site Operations

PET/CT is the most reliable and effective diagnosing tool in the clinical areas listed below. Contact us to learn more about how FRMI can improve your communities’ access to PET/CT.

  • Diagnosing tumors, neurological and cardiology disorders
  • Staging and restaging for therapeutic treatments for cancer
  • Characterization of Nodules