About Us

What We Do

Front Range Mobile Imaging (FRMI) is a privately held corporation. It is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. FMRI currently provides mobile, interim and fixed site services in Wyoming as well as Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah and Idaho. FRMI delivers services to hospitals, imaging centers and clinics. Our company offers the latest technology in PET/CT, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Bone Density testing. The focus of FRMI is to meet the needs of hospital imaging and radiology departments. As a result, we provide imaging equipment and service to diagnose and monitor cancer as well as many other diseases and disorders. FRMI is led by a well-respected group of executives with over 75 years of cumulative experience, . Click here to learn more about our leadership.

Our Services

FRMI offers a comprehensive scope of services of all modalities including the latest cutting edge technology in PET/CT scanning. The PET/CT scanner is proven to be the most reliable and accurate method to identify metabolic changes. In particular, it addresses patient abnormalities regarding the metabolism. FRMI has secured clients along the front range of the Rocky Mountains and the mid-western plains area, due to superior service and expertise,

Hospitals and physicians find great value in being able to offer these clinical services without having to access capital to purchase a PET/CT scanner. The FRMI prospectus, which details the benefits of using FRMI as a turnkey solution, is available upon request. Pro forma is designed to meet a hospital or physician group’s specific needs, and is also available upon request.

Hospitals interested in using the PET/CT scanner often explore the purchase of a scanner to provide on-site service. FRMI offers training of hospital radiology staff and management guidance in operating the PET/CT service. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to establish a partnership on a fixed hospital site PET/CT.


Patients and communities benefit from having the services accessible at the community hospital and physician’s office. This eliminates the requirement to travel to another community and provider for imaging care. FRMI has received excellent feedback about the value provided to the hospital due to our seamless approach of doing business within a radiology department.

  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Radiology Expertise
  • Management of the Service
  • Marketing and Referral Enhancement
  • Site Operations

FRMI was created over 20 years ago. Currently, we have expanded into a strong business entity under the direction and leadership of the CEO, Lyle Johnson.