Hospital Imaging

Benefits of Mobile Imaging to a Hospital

  • Transparent Integration with hospital’s radiology/imaging department
  • High level of service by FRMI
  • Hospital directly bills patient/health plan
  • Expanding Medicare coverage for scans
  • Increased reputation for diagnostic imaging
  • Capital not needed for equipment
  • Patient demand met
  • Flexible in the near future as technology changes
  • Patient retention in the community

Front Ranges strives to provide service within a hospital’s radiology/imaging department. Our services are transparent to the patients and referring physicians.  Patients are admitted and scheduled by the hospitals scheduling and admission department.


  • FRMI provides assistance and direction for promoting the imaging services with print and online marketing campaigns. Marketing and educational material focusing on enhancing the reputation and presence of the imaging service in the community are developed with clients. Collateral such as brochures, specialized referral material and patient education have proven successful in building volume.

Quality Assurance

  • FRMI abides by the same standards for patient care, safety, and quality control as the standards set by hospitals and government regulatory agencies. FRMI management works closely with client hospitals to clearly define responsibilities and protocols to ensure quality care is delivered continuously at all levels.