• Positron Emission Tomography (PET)Computed Tomography(CT)
  • CT-MRI
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Bone Density Testing



Diagnose stroke
Diagnose Alzheimer’s disease
Demonstrate changes in AID’s dementia
Evaluate patients for cartoid surgery
Evaluate post concussion syndrome
Diagnose multi-infarct dementia


Tumor localization
Tumor staging
Identify metastatic sites
Judge response to therapy
Relieve bone pain caused by cancer


Diagnose coronary artery disease
Measure effectiveness of bypass surgery
Measure effectiveness of therapy for heart failure
Detect heart transplant rejection
Select patients for bypass or angioplasty
Identify patients at high risk of heart attacks going to surgery
Identify right heart failure
Measure chemotherapy cardiac toxicity
Evaluate valvular heart disease
Identify shunts and quantify them
Diagnose and localize acute heart attacks before enzyme change


Diagnose pulmonary emboli
Detect pulmonary complications of AID’s
Quantify pulmonary complications of AID’s
Quantify lung ventilation and perfusion
Detect lung transplant rejection


Diagnose and treat hyperthyroidism (Grave’s Disease)
Detect acute cholecystitis
Detect acute gastrointestinal bleeding
Detect testicular torsion
Detect occult infections
Diagnose and treat blood cell disorders

Women’s Issues

Early detection of breast cancer
Staging and treatment effectiveness
Cervical and uterine cancers

Men’s Issues

Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Colorectal cancer